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Our church is steadfastly committed to filling Heaven and establishing a foundation rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Guided by this mission, we wholeheartedly seek worship that embodies both spirit and truth, while also nurturing the active engagement of the younger generation in spiritual pursuits, and to encourage the newer generation  to participate in spiritual activities.

Thank you for investing your time in exploring our website. Shalom Pentecostal Columbus stands as an Indian Pentecostal Church rooted in Columbus, Ohio. Within our congregation, we ardently foster a spiritual community while diligently preparing for the awaited return of Jesus. We extend a warm invitation for you to partake in worship during any of the scheduled times. Irrespective of your personal history, your presence is greeted with genuine delight. We eagerly anticipate your presence at our church, eagerly anticipating the privilege of worshiping alongside you.

Our Ministers

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Pr. Alex Abraham

(Senior Pastor)

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